AlfStream Sync Change Log

This is the change log for Parashift's AlfStream Sync Module

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[1.2.2] 2017-9-07


  • Site authority groups was not synced correctly, which cause the site creation failed when trying to create a same site on the other end


  • Wrapping camel related files into KAR archive
  • Two way blue print file now contains persist file as parameter that is used for recording lastest sync status
  • Merge authority (user and group) sync route to two way blue print route

[1.2.1] 2017-7-14


  • Invalid cron expression causes multiple running of retry sync

[1.2.0] 2017-6-27


  • When a node sync failed, an email notification will be sent to site managers of site that contains node in question
  • Retry Syncing action is added to allow user retry the sync after issue has been fixed
  • Add onException clause in camel route of two way sync blueprint file to capture thrown exception during sync process
  • Providing scheduled auto retry feature, you can choose to enable it or not and how often do you want it to run, by default this feature is disabled, if it's enabled, the default retry period is every 15 mins


  • Content in My Files can't be synced correctly

[1.0.3] 2016-11-28


  • Delete a non-synced document will not trigger its counterpart to be deleted in the other end
  • Moved in nodes will have their sync state set correctly based on the state of parent node
  • Update child nodes' sync state only when necessary

[1.0.2] 2016-11-25


  • Now when parent folder's sync state is change, its children documents' sync state are changed as well

[1.0.1] 2016-11-25


  • Document now will not be syncing after Stop from Syncing action is selected

[1.0.0] 2016-11-11

Initial Release