Document Linking Module

Parashift’s Document Linking add-on for Alfresco allows users to access documents from multiple locations, without having to copy or duplicate them to other sites or folders.


  • A document stored in Alfresco can be accessed from any number of locations
  • Any change (content or metadata) made to the document is immediately reflected in all the documents linked to that document
  • An icon shows that the document is linked to another location, or is a link to a document
  • A link can be deleted without affecting the original document
  • All the links to a document can be removed with one click of a button, with a warning of all the documents affected
  • Existing links are maintained even when the primary document is moved to a different location
  • The names of the links are changed when the name of the original file is changed



The change log for Document Linking can be found here


Document linking comes with both a Share and Repo amp. Please follow our Installation guide on how to install this module.


If you are using Alfresco Records Management: please also make sure you install the Document Linking RM amp to provide linking in and out of the Records Management Site.


To create a link to a document or folder, inside another folder:

  • Navigate to a document or folder in your Document Library (e.g. My File.docx) which you want to link
  • Click on the Link To button
  • Select a target folder where you want your link to be created
  • Confirm the dialog - please note you will need write permission on the selected folder
  • A file referring back to the original document (My File.docx) will be created within the selected folder and a linked image icon is visible

Unlinking from a specific folder

You can unlink from a specific folder

  • Go to the document details page of a previously linked document or folder
  • Scroll down the page to the Document Links section
  • Select Unlink from <Folder Name>
  • Select Unlink in the prompt
  • Confirm the folder is now unlinked.

You can remove the all links to a node

  • Go to a document details page of a previously linked
  • Click on the Remove all links action
  • Confirm Unlink
  • Confirm the document linked icon is no longer visible

RM Users please note: once a document has been declared as a record, it may not be linked.