Etherpad Integration

This Share plugin enables users to edit HTML documents within Etherpad lite from Alfresco Share.


  • This will create a new Edit in Etherpad action within the document library for HTML documents.
  • This allows multiple users to collaborate in real time and to save back those changes to Alfresco.



To use Etherpad from Alfresco Share, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to a Site's document library in share
  • Create or upload a HTML document
  • Select Edit in Etherpad
  • You will have a new Etherpad window come up
  • When you are finished with the changes or you want to commit some changes, select Save Back


The change log for Etherpad can be found here


Etherpad comes with a Share amp only. Please follow our Installation guide on how to install this module.


You will need to allow share to proxy to an Etherpad server:

  • Update your share-config-custom.xml to include two new endpoints, etherpad and etherpad-api. etherpad is for end users and etherpad-api is only for Share to update content from Alfresco and setup pads.

  • Update your share-config-custom.xml to disable CSRF actions for the etherpad endpoint, see CSRF Instructions below

  • Restart Alfresco Share

Example share-config-custom.xml

This example uses the following:

  • as the host
  • 9001 as the port
  • an API Key of CHANGEME.

To find the API key, check for the file APIKEY.txt on your etherpad instance.

Example Endpoints

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Remote">
            <name>Etherpad - unauthenticated access</name>
            <description>Etherpad access</description>
            <name>Etherpad - API access</name>
            <description>Etherpad access</description>

CSRF Instructions

Because CSRF is enabled for all POST requests, we need to override the default CSRF policy to switch it off for POST requests to the etherpad proxy.

As discussed in this blog, there are two options. Both involve overriding configuration in your share-config-custom.xml file.

You can switch off the CSRF Policy completely by using this statement (not recommended in production):

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="CSRFPolicy" replace="true">

Or you can copy the CSRFPolicy configuration from this file and then add the example in the etherpad-alfresco readme. So you would end up with a config section like this in your share-config-custom.xml:

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="CSRFPolicy" replace="true">
        <!-- OTHER RULE STATEMENTS FROM share-security-config.xml -->

What this accomplishes is that you have the default CSRFPolicy, so you are secure, but you enable POST requests to pass through unfiltered to etherpad. You must include the etherpad filter rule first, as share-security-config.xml is loaded before share-config-custom.xml