Periodic Review Module

Parashift's Perioridc Review Module allows certain documents to come under review periodically, allowing automatic workflows to be created.


This module includes the following features:

  • A Periodic review aspect which will trigger a workflow when it comes time to review
  • A Review history in the Share front end which will show when a review has previously happened
  • Automatic workflow creation when a review period is set


The change log for Periodic Review can be found here


Periodic Review comes with both a Share and Repo amp. Please follow our Installation guide on how to install this module.


Bringing a document under review

Add the Aspect

  • Navigate to the document in question in Share
  • Select Manage Aspects
  • Add the Reviewable Periodically Aspect

Review Properties

When the aspect is applied, you will have a review view on the properties page like so:


Changing the Review Properties

  • When the aspect is added, select Edit Properties
  • Find the document review settings at the bottom of the form and fill in the following:
  • Reviewer: The document controller who will be responsible for reviewing and coordinating review efforts. If this is left blank, then upon next review, the admin user will be assigned the workflow.
  • Review Notification Period: This sets the amount of days before the next review is due to create the workflow.
    So if it's due on the 28th of May and this is set to 7 days, a workflow will be generated on the 21st of May with a due date set to the 28th
  • Review Period: This specifies what the review period is with a default of Every 12 Months.
    This is a textual relative time, e.g: every 6 months, next July, 2 years time

Performing a Review

  • When it comes time to review, a task will be assigned to the Reviewer
  • Click on the task to open up the document in question.
  • If the document requires any changes, you can upload a new version of the document
  • If you would prefer to have someone else finish the review, you can reassign the task
  • If the document requires other people, then you can create a separate review/approve workflow, leaving the review workflow open until that is finished.
  • When the document has finished its review and you are happy with any changes, view the task from your dashboard
  • Fill in the Comment field in the Response section to include any details of changes within the Review History
  • Click Task Done to complete the review. This will automatically do the following:
  • Create a Review history with the person that reviewed the workflow.
  • Update the document properties to display when the last review took place
  • Update the next review date, based upon the review period

Viewing Review History

Each document records the review history of the document. This is available via the share front end:

  • Navigate to the document in question in share, going to the Document Details page.
  • Scroll down below the Preview and Comments of the document
  • The review history of the document is listed in chronological order, with the newest review first.

Review History Example


Manually reviewing a document

While review workflows can be started automatically, you can also manually trigger a review by starting a review workflow:

  • From the document details page, select Start Workflow
  • Select Document Periodical Review from the drop down list
  • Enter a Message, a Due Date, an Assignee
  • Select Start workflow
  • The Assignee can then perform a review accordingly

Custom Workflow

You have the ability to include a custom workflow instead of the default docReviewTask. There are a few extra components you must include before this will work.

Setting the Workflow Name property

In order for Periodic Review to know which workflow to trigger, you must configure the docreview.workflowname property.

For instance, adding the following to


Updating review history

When the workflow is finished and the review completed, the review history should be set on the document. You should add this listener to any workflows you would like to use within the periodic review. This is accomplished by adding a listener within the workflow pointing to the com.parashift.docReview.workflow.UpdateReviewedDocuments component:

<activiti:taskListener event="create" class="com.github.dynamicextensionsalfresco.workflow.activiti.DelegateTaskListener">
   <activiti:field name="componentId">

This UpdateReviewedDocuments component will read through all of the documents, updating their review dates and generating review history entries.