Site Restrictions Module

Parashift's Site Restrictions Module adds extra restrictions in Share around the management of sites to assist with taxonomy and enforce company policies.


Parashift's Site Restrictions module adds the following features:

  • Disables the creation of sites except for users within the SITE_CREATORS group.
  • Disables the creation of folders within sites from users below a configurable role.
  • Removes the Shared Files within the Share Navigation bar.


The change log for Site Restrictions can be found here


The Site Restrictions Module comes with both a Share and Repo amp. Please follow our Installation guide on how to install this module.

Once installed, create a group called SITE_CREATORS from the Administration Panel.


By setting folder.creation.minimumlevel in you can adjust the minimum site role needed to create folders.

For instance, if you want only Site Collaborators or Site Managers to create folders, use the following option:



Adding Users to the Site Creators group

  • Navigate to the Administration Panel
  • Select Groups underneath Users and Groups
  • Browse for the SITE_CREATORS group. If it doesn't exist, create it.
  • Add the User to the group.
  • They will now be able to create sites.