Compilation of Modules

As all of our modules are Open Source, we provide access to repositories for you to compile them yourselves. All of our Modules utilise gradle for packaging into amps.

We have created a plugin for gradle called the alfresco amp plugin which is a requirement for compiling all of our modules.


We provide pre-compiled amps for all of our modules, so compilation is only needed if you want to make changes.

Installing the Alfresco Amp Plugin

Installing of the Alfresco amp plugin requires the following:

  • Java JDK 7 or above installed
  • Gradle installed

Cloning the repository

You can simply clone down our repository with your gitlab account:

git clone

Publishing to Local Maven

Once you have cloned, it should be published into your gradle environment. This will by default publish to your local computer, but you can adjust build.gradle to publish to another Maven server if it's a requirement.

gradle publish

Compiling The Modules

Once the Alfresco Amp Plugin is installed, you can run gradle amp to compile and package the modules. You can also run gradle jar to get a jar only version of the module that can be placed in WEB-INF/lib, but will not include module information.

gradle amp

Or to compile both repo and share directories:

gradle -p repo amp
gradle -p share amp